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3 Layers of Breastmilk

Breastmilk layers when it’s in the refrigerator … Yep!

It separates into 3️⃣ layers:

1️⃣. Top thinner layer of fat

2️⃣. Large middle layer of milk

3️⃣. Bottom thinner layer of watery looking milk

The top thinner layer is also called “The Fatty Layer”

The large middle layer is also called “Hindmilk”

The bottom thinner layer is also called “Foremilk”

What do the terms “Foremilk” and “Hindmilk” mean? 🤷‍♀️

Foremilk is milk that a baby receives at the beginning of a feeding. It’s high in volume and low in fat.

Hindmilk is milk that a baby receives at the end of a feeding. It’s low in volume and usually high in fat.

And the Fatty Layer is simply the fat in the milk rising 🆙 to the top.

All these different kinds of names can be pretty confusing. Specially because your breasts make just ONE ☝️ type of milk. There is no ❌ magic switch between all these layers of milk and therefore no difference between breastmilk at the start and end of a feeding.

Have you ever noticed these different layers in your bottle of breastmilk? 🍼💧


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