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Baby boys and girls receive different nutrient in breastmilk 💧

A mother’s milk may contain different levels of nutrients based on the gender of her baby to meet different growth needs.

Out of tests on mother’s milk in both monkeys & humans, have showed that levels of:

✨ Fat

✨ Protein

✨ Vitamins

✨ Sugars

✨ Minerals and Hormones vary enormously.

Also there is evidence🧾 that milk made for female ♀️ and male ♂️ babies is continuously different.

The make-up of the breastmilk has a direct impact on the child’s growth and also on his/her behavior and temperament, which may last for the rest of their life. Scientists 👩‍🏫 suspect that breastmilk may adjust by nature to meet the different growth needs of the genders.

One of the researchers named “Hinde” explained that in one of her studies in Rhesus monkeys 🐒 showed that mothers produce milk with 35% more fat and protein for male ♂️ babies and even richer milk when that male was first-born.

When the monkey mothers fed female babies, their milk was less fatty and had more calcium. Probably to support the faster growth of their skeletons 💀. Mothers produced more milk in general for females and over the course of their breastfeeding, they received the same amount of fat as the males.

Basically the nutrients in breastmilk for sons and daughters may be different. This all depending on where the mother is at in her reproductive career.

This shows again how amazing our bodies are! ❤️💯🤱


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