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Baby teething Hack (Not a safe hack)

You might have seen this baby teething #hack before (or not) ... 👀

It might be seen as a handy teething hack, unfortunately it's not very safe.

There are many risks that come with this hack that can make this hack quite dangerous.

So what are the risks?

🔹The water wouldn't be sterile, the freezer can be full of gass and the dummy isn't for that use.

🔹The ice in the dummy can cause gum burn.

🔹It can splinter the rubber of the dummy.

🔹It can be a choking hazard.

Try this instead:

✳️ Try teething rings, store it in the fridge till it's cold and then give it to baby.

✳️ Store a weaning spoon in the fridge and give it to baby.

✳️ Dampen a cloth and stick it in the fridge for a while till it's cold.

Any other teething ideas? Let us know in the comments below 👇🙋‍♀️


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