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Breastmilk is like a magic potion

It’s been a long journey and it’s not quite over yet, but what I’ve learned is that moms are freaking rock stars. Our bodies spend 9 months creating a whole human, births that human, and then (if you choose) it feeds that human. MY BODY created a living, breathing, fully alive being AND has spent that last 6 months nourishing it. Camila is alive, growing, learning, gaining new motor skills, talking, eating, pooping, and breathing, because MY body creates a liquid that gives her the nutrients she needs to do so. WOW.

Two weeks ago I came down with Covid. I’ve been sick a lot since having Camila, small viruses, the stomach bug, and then The Covid. Covid being the worst. I noticed a green tinge to her milk right away and once frozen I realized it was definitely green. Our bodies are incredible the way the milk changes and adapts to the needs of our children. Wow God, what a good God He is to choose us women to grow, birth, nourish, and love these sweet babies. The way he designed our bodies is just incredible and if you don’t believe in miracles then, have a baby.

Babies are miracles. It’s been a blessing and an honor to be able to breastfeed Camila. I know some mommas can’t and others choose not to, which is totally fine. I believe fed is best however you choose to feed. But this journey has been so special (and hard and exhausting!!!!) but oh so very special. I had to document this moment and share in my fascination.

Mommas, ya’ll are freaking rock stars.. don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.


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