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Cradle Cap got you down?

No worries, we got you mama!🤱

It's common, mostly harmless, and will eventually go away. It's most common in babies up to 3️⃣ months old and can last up to a year (or longer).

There are several remedies you can try at home 🏠 that can be helpful. Most remedies are not scientifically proven to work, however they do work for some babies 👶🏼

🔹 Gently remove scales with a soft brush, toothbrush 🪥 or washcloth 💦

🔹 Gently rub on baby oil💧or aquaphor to help soften the crusts.

🔹You can also use baby oil or aquaphor moisturizer overnight and wash with mild baby shampoo🧴in the morning 🌄

🔹Instead of baby oil you can also use natural coconut oil 🥥

Did your baby experience cradle cap before? If yes, what have you used to treat it?


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