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Did you know: You can leak breastmilk from your armpits! 😱

It usually looks like a round mass in your armpit and it can release a white discharge when pressed 💦 Isn't this bizarre?! 👀 Up to 6% of women are born with "extra" breast tissue, according to a 1999 paper published in the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings. In some cases, this extra breast tissue includes a nipple or areola but in other cases, the breast tissue alone is present, without nipples or areola. Some women can even pump breastmilk from their armpits ... 😲 Breast tissue can grow up into your armpit. This is known as the Tail of Spence. It's most common for the breast tissue in the armpit to become swollen and leak when a woman's milk is first coming in and she's engorged. It's possible to produce milk from just one armpit, or both armpits 💪🏼 This again shows how motherhood brings out so many surprises and how amazing our bodies are 🍼🤱


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