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Good mom versus Bad mom

Let's start with this 👆 sentence over here. No one is a bad mom just because they choose to breast or bottle feed.

So please, let's stop these stigmas, guilt and mom shame 🖐️

These days moms feel so much pressure about making "wrong" choices. It's so easy to judge others based on their decisions or what they are saying.

Be kind to each other, support each other 💪🏼, being a mom is already hard enough. Motherhood is so much more than breastfeeding.

Yes, for some, “breast is best” really is true. But, what is true in one circumstance may not be true in others.

There are many reasons that exclusive breastfeeding really is impossible for mothers, making formula feeding the correct and only choice.

These mothers don’t have enough milk to breastfeed, and formula is their best or only way to provide nutrition to their babies.

Moms should not feel guilty about needing help. We believe in non-judgment and supporting all moms and their uniqueness ❤️


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