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My baby grabs, pulls, and pinches my breast ... Why does my baby do this?

🤌Kneading, 👏squeezing, 👋patting,

👌twiddling, 👇pinching, 😬 biting,

👆touching your face and 👶 pulling hair and so many more behaviors ...

Who knew a tiny baby's fists could hurt like that? 👀 It's not always painful, sometimes it's just funny 🤣

Babies, especially around 5️⃣- 6️⃣ months, do this for 2️⃣ reasons:

1️⃣ To help stimulate a let down or increase the flow of milk.

2️⃣ And because they’re exploring the world around them.

Touching the breast and even twiddling the other nipple can help release oxytocin to send more milk or increase the flow of milk.

Babies are not only funny, but also very smart 🤓👶

Whose baby does this too? 🤱🏼


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