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Natural daylight can help baby sleep better at night

Sunlight. So warm, natural and light …

There’s just something about it that can brighten moods and make our day so much better 🥰🌞

Don’t underestimate the power of light! 😎

Little do you know that … sunlight does so much more than that ☀️🌻

Yep, natural light has a BIG impact on our sleep 💤. So if your newborn 👶 doesn’t sleep through the night, let them play in natural light ⛅ or take them for a walk outside🚶‍♀️

Studies show that babies up to 3️⃣ months that are exposed to natural light, sleep 💤 better during the 🌃 nighttime. That’s because light helps young babies set their biological clocks ⏱️, including their still underdeveloped sleep-wake cycles.

According to 👩🏼‍🏫 experts, daylight may also help older babies, kids and parents sleep better. Daylight makes us more alert and drowsy during the day, so at 🌌 night our sleep is deeper.

⚠️ Please do keep in mind: ALWAY keep on protecting your children from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. If you prefer to play it safe you can also expose your kids to natural light inside, so it can block some ultraviolet rays. The light your child(ren) will get is still effective, it’s visible light that counts.

Do you expose your child(ren) to natural light? If yes, how do they sleep at night? 😴


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