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Nesting mama! 🐣

Do you have the desire to scrub your floors, organize baby’s dresser and make sure the house 🏠 is super clean for like the … 🔟th time, then you might be nesting.

Yes, nesting mama! 🐣

Nesting means that you’re preparing your home 🏘️ for your baby’s arrival. This is very common, especially during your last trimester in pregnancy. Some women start to:


🔹Organize their whole house

🔹Developing birth plans


According to research, nesting happens because of human behavior/instinct to prepare for and protect your unborn baby. Nesting takes control of your and your baby’s environment.

The most common time to nest is usually the few last weeks before delivery. However you can also experience it any time during your whole pregnancy 🤰, your postpartum period or not at all.

Does nesting sound familiar to you, mama?


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