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Nursing babies to sleep

Nursing babies to sleep is something that we’re often warned against…we don’t want to create those pesky “bad habits” after all, right?

Umm, not quite.

Because biologically speaking, babies are designed to fall asleep at the breast.

From the hormonal composition of our milk itself, to the regulation of baby’s parasympathetic nervous system via the very act of nursing, breastfeeding supports healthy sleep.

It is safe.

It is warm.

It is nurturing.

It is loving.

It is nourishing.

It is comforting.

It is home.

And it’s entirely normal for us to continue to nurse our children to sleep for as long as we want to do so. (And when we feel ready to stop, we shouldn’t be left to navigate it alone - you’ll find a gentle weaning guide in my bio for support.)

Because when we set sleep up as a safe and loving experience, our babies grow to associate sleep with feelings of safety and love.

So when they told me not to nurse my baby to sleep, I didn’t listen. I was too busy rebelliously boobing my way through bedtime.

With love,

Louis 💓

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