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Other Benefits of Breastmilk

Did you know that your breast milk has so many other benefits …

And it turns out that there’s a lot of truth in the statement “Breast milk really does work to heal many of the minor day-to-day health issues moms and babies are facing" (ps: yes, research supports this). 👩‍🏫⚕️

So let’s take a look, what else can you use your breast milk for?

1️⃣. Ear infections 👂 - Some moms have reported that a few drops of breast milk In baby’s ear can help ease the discomfort. Also continuing to nurse and sucking motion can help your baby get over an ear infection.

2️⃣. Blocked tear ducts 👀 - A few drops of breast milk into baby’s irritated eye can help clear a blocked tear duct.

3️⃣. Baby Acne 👶🏼 - It may sound strange but newborns can experience baby acne. A few drops of your breast milk can help soothe baby’s sensitive skin.

4️⃣. Eczema - Use a cotton ball, add some breast milk and apply it on the affected eczema areas. It might go away on its own, however, make sure to consult your doctor if it gets worse.

5️⃣. Rashes - diapers are not everyone’s best friend. Some babies can get red sensitive skin. Breast milk can help soothe baby’s bottom and prevent spreading of the rashes.

6️⃣. Teething 🦷 - Freezing breast milk into popsicles can help ease the pain of teething. We have seen great recipes on Pinterest/Youtube!

7️⃣. Sore throat 🗣️ - Is your baby having a sore throat? Keep on breastfeeding and help soothe the throat pain. Breast milk has antibodies that can shorten the span of an illness.

8️⃣. Cracked & Sore nipples 🤱 - Apply a few drops of breast milk into the affected area of your nipples to help soften and ease the pain.

Have you used your breast milk for one of these steps above?


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