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Should your baby wear shoes

Ever heard of this myth before: “Your baby sometimes needs to wear shoes 👟 so their feet develop normally” --> This is simply NOT TRUE! ❌

Your baby doesn’t need shoes to help develop their feet, neither do they need shoes 👟 to stand🧍or to walk🚶‍♀️

It’s important for your baby to have free feet and help them reach milestones, such as crawling, standing and walking (especially during baby’s first year). Before baby is ready to reach these milestones (that is mentioned above)

🔹Rolling over, sitting and crawling are usually the first skills they learn and therefore it’s important for them to use their feet.

Being shoelesss indoors helps baby to feel the floor and helps them to develop the balance, strength and coordination that they need to reach these developmental milestones.

How old was your baby when he/she start to wear shoes? 👶🏼👟


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