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Sugar Bug Veins

Ever noticed a blue line ➖ between your baby’s eyes 👀 and on the bridge of their 👃nose ? You might have wondered what that was … So this blue line is also called a “Sugar Bug”. This vein is common and usually harmless. No reason to panic or try to diagnose it yourself, below we will provide you with extra information about the Sugar Bug Vein. ⬇️⬇️⬇️ What is a Sugar Bug? 🤷‍♀️ It’s basically a visible vein at the bridge of baby’s nose in between their eyes. The vein can become less visible on its own as baby gets older. Is it dangerous for my baby to have a Sugar Bug Vein? 👣 We understand if it worries you, however it doesn’t indicate anything. It can also mean that your baby has light/thin skin. If you have ever heard that Sugar Bugs indicate health problems (in the future), for example: 🔹ADHD 🔹MTHFR 🔹Shan Gen etc. Please note that there is NO ❌ scientific evidence for this. In traditional 🎎 Chinese medicine, this is called “shan gen” translating this to English, it means “root of mountain.” In Chinese medicine they believe that a visible vein can cause issues in the digestive system. The more visible the vein is, the bigger the chance that it can cause health problems. However, again we will repeat that there is NO scientific evidence! Will the Sugar Bug go away? For many babies the Sugar Bug becomes less visible and may even disappear by the age of 1️⃣ Definition: 🔹MTHFR: refers to a relatively common genetic mutation. 👉 MTHFR stands for methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase. It's getting attention due to a genetic mutation that can lead to high levels of homocysteine in the blood and low levels of folate and other vitamins.


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