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Your scent is such a powerful recognition cue🧠👶🏼

Imagine if our babies could speak, would make things much easier right? Luckily our babies are much smarter than we think! 🧠👶🏼

Did you know:


Babies can recognize your voice 🗣️, touch and your scent! Your scent is such a powerful recognition cue.

When babies are exposed to their mother’s smell 👃 it can calm them down and reduce stress. Unfortunately it doesn’t work for all babies, however most babies can be soothed to sleep 💤 and sleep longer when they are snuggling with something that smells like mommy!

Mommy’s scent can also calm and soothe baby 👶🏼 because they associate it with comfort and security.

Therefore your scent is a powerful tool💡 that might help your baby settling down, which can lead to longer periods of restful sleep.

Are you familiar with this mom hack? If yes, how did it work for you? 😍


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